Weekly Vehicle Checks

Name of Inspector
Front Lights(Required)
Rear Lights(Required)
Indicator Lights(Required)
Brake Lights(Required)
Front Tyres (should be 55psi)(Required)
Rear Tyres (should be 58psi)(Required)
Oil Level(Required)
Water Level(Required)
Brake Fluid(Required)
Tracker attached and working(Required)
All Windows(Required)
Seat Belts(Required)
Windscreen Wipers(Required)
Wing Mirrors(Required)
Exterior Functional Parts(Required)
This includes items such as hinges, locks, exhaust etc...
If you have entered No for any of the items above or have any further observations, please describe them here.


These checks are essential to ensure the safety of employees and smooth running of the business. Failure to complete these checks could result in disciplinary procedures. In addition to recorded weekly checks it is a government requirement to carry out a daily van walk around check. The government guidelines for this can be found by clicking here.

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